Our Story

Harter Creative was started in 2014 by husband wife creative team, Ryan and Leslie Harter. Together, they created video content with a team of brilliant filmmakers in the Portland/Vancouver area for brands of all shapes and sizes. The aim was to always emotionally engage viewers and yes, often that meant getting a little weird.

Ryan & Leslie Harter, 2017

Ryan & Leslie Harter, 2017


In April 2019, this team encountered an unimaginable blow with the sudden loss of Ryan. Ryan was the heart and soul of Harter Creative and the self-proclaimed “Story Jedi.” He constantly pushed for the best angle, visual gag, and cut. But making videos was more than just a polished final product. For him, it was always about the people, the crew members, the dreamers, and fellow artists. A set was never complete without one of his sappy speeches. “Can you believe we get to do this?!” he said during every shoot. The fun of video was never lost on him.

Today, Harter Creative is still kicking. Our team has grown, and we continue to produce content that Ryan would be proud to have his name on. From stop motion and comedy to lifestyle and documentary, your brand story is our fun. We think you’ll have fun along the way, too.

Can you believe we get to do this?!